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Install Chrome so you can access Moodle (AHS staff)

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2013 12:50PM MST

AHS employees must install Chrome in order to be able to access schedules etc. on moodle.med.ualberta.ca. 

A. Install Chrome:  
B. Bookmark the moodle.med site for easy access.
C. Add a Chrome shortcut to your desktop

A. Install Contact AHS Information Technology Support for assistance

B. Bookmark moodle.med for easy access - 4 steps

1. Setting up your Chrome for ease of access to moodle.med.ualbera.ca   Once the install is completed, you will get a Welcome to Chrome screen asking you to login. Do not log in with your information. Instead, click on the little orange menu icon at the top left. On the drowdown menu, click on “Bookmarks” and then on “Show bookmarks page.”

This puts a new grey bar at the top of your screen that looks like this:

2. In your Chrome window, type in the URL moodle.med.alberta.ca and hit the Return key. This takes you to the moodle.med website.

3. Make a bookmark for this website by dragging the green lock beside the URL down into the grey bookmark bar.

4. Rename the bookmark by right-clicking on it and then clicking ‘Edit’ in the dropdown menu. In the box that comes up, give the bookmark a short name like ‘Moodle Schedules.’

a) Click ‘Edit’

b) Rename and Save

This is what your bookmark will look like:


C. Add a Chrome shortcut to your desktop - 3 steps

You may already have a Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop. If not, it’s easy to make one.

1. Go to your Start menu and click on All Programs.
2. In the dropdown menu, find Google Chrome.

3. Right-click on Google Chrome and select Send To >>> Desktop (create shortcut)

Now you will see a shortcut to Chrome on your desktop. When you need to access moodle.med, go to Chrome using your desktop shortcut and then clicking on the Moodle Schedules bookmark you made. Login to moodle.med with your usual CCID and password.

Need help? Please contact us at actechmd-support@ualberta.ca

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