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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2014 08:21AM MST
Dear ICC Family: Thank you for exploring this idea with us.  If you have any tech questions or concerns, please email Dr. Darren Nichols at dnichols@ualberta.ca.
What is this app?
This app is, at this point, more of an idea.  And we want your help to find out if its an idea worth keeping around.
The idea is simple:  in the clinical workplace, articulating the advice preceptors provide (or asking a student to articulate their own learning) is fundamental to making progress.  Capturing that feedback/advice/reflection/coaching in writing is necessary for two reasons:  it allows us to remember what the next learning steps are, and it allows us to reflect on the progress being made.
This is designed to support the “4th continuity” of the ICC - continuity of learning  (as you know, the other 3 are continuity of patient, preceptor and community).  When effective dialog exists between students and preceptors, learning thrives.  This app may help you continue to foster that dialog.
What is this app called?
Currently it's labelled Field Notes.  If that brings back bad memories of trying Field Notes in MedSIS, you can call this a 'learning facilitation instrument', or whatever names catches your fancy.  In fact, if you come up with a catchy name, let us know.  
How do I log in on my phone/tablet/computer?
Go to ‎fieldnotes.med.ualberta.ca on (almost) any device.  
Log in with your CCID.  (Your CCID is the name before your ualberta.ca email.  My CCID is dnichols.)
3 hints:  1) Do not use Internet Explorer.  2)  Turn off Private Browsing on your iPhone.    3) Phones older than 2-3 years may not work. 
Where can I reset my password online?
CCID - Information Services and Technology
What is supposed to be captured in this app?
That is for you and the students to decide.  Already some students and preceptors in ICC are using various paper and electronic systems to capture: learning to-do lists, formative feedback, self-reflection.  
During this beta test we are interested in seeing if, and how, you and your students use this.  
Who can enter notes?
A student can enter their own note ( a "note-to-self"), or they can enter a note on your behalf.  (so you don't have to type if you don't want to...).
A preceptor can enter a note for a student.
Anyone can reply to a note already in the system.
Anyone with a CCID who a student or site coordinator wants in the system can be added.  Please let me know if you want to add someone, or if someone needs a CCID: dnichols@ualberta.ca
Are notes secure?
Absolutely.  They are stored on a secure campus server and only those with CCIDs who we have granted access to are allowed to log in.
Does that mean I have to sign in every time?
No.  A single sign in should last days to weeks...  depending on how the central UAlberta system is working.  Let us know how its going...  this is supposed to be slick and easy.  But this is still a beta test.
Can I put identifiable patient information in the notes?
No.  This system is secure, but not authorized for you to store patient data in.  So no ULIs and no names, please.
What is this NOT supposed to be?
This is not a log. Logging, by its nature, does not facilitate learning.  It just captures data.
Students still need to log in MedSIS.
I use field notes for post-graduate Family Medicine (CBAS).  How is this different?
The concept of documenting specific feedback predicated on direct observation is the same.  However, this version of field notes is not a mandatory part of ICC's student assessment.
That means that this is for you and the students to use as you see fit.  Or not at all.  As you wish.
This app will work on most devices that can connect to the web.
Who sees the notes?
Each student owns their notes, which are shared with their site coordinators and preceptors.
As a site coordinator, you can see all the notes by preceptors and students in your community.  
Preceptors will have access to notes that they put in the system, or that students attribute to them.
As the project member responsible for helping to trouble shoot and evaluate this idea, I (Darren Nichols) have access to all the notes in the system.  No one else in UME, or ICC will see these.  These notes are not used for assessment by my office.
Can I delete a note?
No.  Like a tweet or an email... once a note is written and sent its in your list of notes for good.
Can I use this offline?  
No.  You need some sort of internet connection.  
I want to do more things with my notes.  When will I be able to tag, order, flag, and export notes?
We started very lean for this beta-test.  In the spring, we will look at adding more features to this system.  Please keep the requests for additional features coming.  And thanks for your patience.

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